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Miniature Sets

If you need the ultimate in realism on a budget for your next film and want to minimize the use of CGI, consider a miniature for your set.  We'll create what you want in a small size.

Miniature Set Concept Sketch

Bear Country wooden sign
Miniature Set for Television Pilot
Bear Country Miniature Sign
The Bear Country sign stands only 1.5" tall or 3 feet in 1/24 scale. The diameter of the tapering tree trunk is only 5/8". Nearly 25 scale trees were used in the construction of this set.
A concept sketch was drawn and used for creating the miniature set. Construction on the set began once the drawing was approved. Photos from the Woodland Park Zoo Bear Habitat were also used for reference.

Note: None of the Bear Country images have been retouched. The photos were all shot with available light.


Bear Country Diorama

  Bear Country Center Tree
The center tree, with its swing, is a focal point of the park.  The actual size of the swing is 1".  Scale rope for the swing is even used to enhance the realism. The entire tree actually only stands 13.5" tall, or 27 feet in scale.


Center Tree with Swing
Click to see a bigger picture.


Bear Country Diorama from Another Angle


Bear Country central area
Click to see a bigger picture.


The miniature set includes a forested area, a stage where the bears perform, four caves, a center tree with a swing, and a pond.  The actual opening of each cave is roughly 2" x 3", or 4 ft x 6 ft in 1/24 scale.

Home > Scale Models > Miniature Sets