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Scale Models
We design and construct scale models, miniature sets for film and TV, desktop models, museum quality replicas for both indoor and outdoor use, point-of-sale displays and prototypes.

When to Consider a Miniature
Miniatures are a great, low-cost way to see what a full scale replica would look like. They make excellent desktop models and gifts.

We specialize in the design and fabrication of custom props, special effects, miniature sets and one-of-a-kind items.  Tell us about your project -  send e-mail, or call us at 425.260.8949.

Model Railroad Diorama
The model train diorama won a prize in a Model Railroader Magazine photography contest.  The scene was constructed just for the contest.

Award Winning 1/87 (HO) Scale Model Train Diorama
Diorama showing 1/87 (HO scale) scale models


The snow is baking soda and the icicles on the power lines were made from white glue cut to shape and hand-placed.  Model includes a coal company, miner's shack and a narrow gauge Shay locomotive.

Closeup of hanging icicles and small light bulbs on scale model by Tim Vittetoe
"Otis Coal Company" HO scale model


Low voltage, tiny "grain of wheat" light bulbs were used to provide lighting.

3/4" Figure Walking to the "Otis Coal Company"
3/4" Figure Walking to the "Otis Coal Company" Shack


Footprints in the snow were added by "walking" a scale figure along a trail.  The figure is about 3/4" tall.

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