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We create displays for both indoor and outdoor use including billboards, museums, tradeshows, restaurants and storefronts.
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Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines

Three large topiaries were custom designed and constructed for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.  The topiaries were installed on the Adventure of the Seas luxury cruise ship in front of the Cafe Promenade.

Royal Caribbean International

Topiary "B" installed in front of Cafe Promenade on Adventure of the Seas
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Our teacup topiary pictured on the left is nearly 8 ft (2.4 m) tall.  The topiary specs were provided by an architectural firm: Morris Nathanson Design. CAD drawings ensured that the space constraints would be met.

The faux ivy fooled even the most discerning eye!  A crew member who was responsible for the care of all plants asked us how often the topiaries needed to be watered!


Topiary "B" from inside Cafe on Adventure of the Seas
Teacup topiary outside the Cafe Promenade

Topiary "C" Installed on Adventure of the Seas
This teapot topiary stands 8' 7" tall just outside the cafe

Steel frames were welded to provide a solid and secure foundation for the topiaries.  The frames were covered with real moss and then silk English Ivy. Both the moss and English Ivy were hand stitched onto the frames.

Topiary "C" frame
Teapot topiary welded steel frame

National Monument Display Props
This ladder was created for Exhib-It! to be displayed at national monuments throughout the U.S., including Carlsbad Caverns, Pecos National Historic Park, Petroglyph, and the Aztec Ruins.  The ladder was designed to easily come apart for shipping.

Simulated Log Ends (Vigas) made from high density foam

These 8" diameter wood log ends (called Vigas) are actually made from high density foam that was carved to simulate real wood.  The pieces were hand painted and are light enough to attach to a wall with Velcro.
Southwest Style Ladder with National Momument Names Engraved
Click to View a Close-up

Jester Mannequin and Costume
We designed and fabricated a Jester mannequin and costume for the Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA.  The Jester provides a fun and magical element to the Muckleshoot Casino candy and ice cream shop.  Neon lights stream from the jester's finger tips.

Jester at the Muckleshoot Casino candy and ice cream shop
Jsster at the Muckleshoot Casino

Jester Mannequin Prop and Costume by Tim Vittetoe Originals

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Recycled Metal Ficus

Actual Simulated Recycled Metal Cube with Faux Ficus Tree
Simulated Recycled Metal
Cube with Faux Ficus Tree

Link to Eric Mower and Associates

Eric Mower & Associates commissioned us to design and fabricate 30 simulated recycled metal cubes with a faux Ficus tree growing out of the middle.  These props are displayed at tradeshows to help promote recycling by NUCOR, the largest recycler in the world and one of Eric Mower & Associates key clients.

Close-up of Actual Simulated Recycled Metal Cube

Close-up of Actual Simulated Recycled Metal Cube

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