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Job Skills and Experience Needed

What is Expected
ImpaQt FX provides the best service to clients and expects the best from other organizations and individuals.  As the saying goes, "you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with."

Independent Contractors
Candidates can be hired as independent contractors.  You decide when you work, the hours you put in, where you work and file your taxes based on the income you earn from us as an independent contractor.  You also typically have other companies that you provide services or products to.  As an independent contractor, you determine the cost of providing the skills and experience, or products and services needed.

Due to the large volume of people interested, we may not to get back to you unless we are interested in your skills and experience.  We are looking for people with a can-do attitude, hands-on learning and those with a desire to make the world a better place through design, film making, art and entertainment.

The following job titles, skills and experience are needed:

  • Foam Runner - running foam latex appliances.
  • Character Makeup Artist - design and develop characters, from drawings, sketches, cartoons, sculpts and maquettes
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist or Apprentice.  The candidate ideally has a background in the film/entertainment industry, with sculpting, mold-making, special effects makeup experience or class work.  Student applications are accepted.
  • Wig and Hair expert - from low cost to professional quality, experience with hand-ventilated lace desired
  • Large Prop Creator  - candidate should ideally have experience designing and creating large scale props, with innovative and creative ways to produce difficult to create items within compressed schedules
Other desired job requirements:
  • You must be passionate and motivated
  • You must be creative
  • You must provide a place to work
  • You must be able to work outside of regular hours and at night or on the weekend when required
  • High and low resolution photos of your work that are available online through a web link (MySpace or YouTube, for example). 300 dpi is fine for high resolution, 96 dpi for screen viewing (or low resolution)
  • Be able to perform more than one job and wear a different "hat" as needed
  • Desire to have someone located in the Los Angeles Area
What You'll Get

If you are a student...
Through your services and creativity, you will receive training on the best ways to run foam, make molds, do character makeup, get hands-on experience and likely be involved with film making, special effects makeup, entertainment and custom props.

If you are a professional...
You'll get to work with the best, provide excellent service, solve tough problems, provide unique products and services, learn tips to save time, save money, and how to find others with your skills and experiences.

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