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How to Apply Your Own Special Effects Makeup:

Download a free guide on how to apply, remove and store your own foam latex masks and appliances.  Great for beginners or professionals.

Pro Adhesive, 1 oz

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Foam Latex Prosthetics

Pro Adhesive
This 1 oz size of Pro Adhesive is perfect for smaller makeup jobs requiring only a few applications.

Price: $9.75   1 oz.    Item #88510

TIP: We recommend Pro Adhesive remover followed by 99% rubbing alcohol or mineral oil for removal and cleanup.

Advantages over Spirit Gum:
  • Does not contain solvents that could irritate your skin
  • Water soluble when wet
  • Virtually odorless
  • Lasts much longer - won't come loose until you are ready to remove your makeup
  • Can be reactivated with rubbing alcohol

Pro Adhesive Remover, 2 oz
Pro Adhesive Remover


Pro Adhesive Remover
Pro Adhesive remover loosens the prosthetic from your skin but doesn't dissolve Pro Adhesive.

Price: $5.75   2 oz.    Item #88521

Spirit Gum Adhesive, 1 oz
Spirit Gum Adhesive

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Foam Latex Prosthetics

Spirit Gum
The most popular, time-tested, low-cost adhesive for prosthetics and crepe wool hair including beards, moustaches, eyebrows and sideburns. 

Lasts longer than other brands. Spirit gum remover required. No int'l shipping.

Price: $6.95  1 oz.    Item  #88533

       $24.95  8 oz.    Item  #88534


Advantages over Pro Adhesive:

  • Great for beginners - it's more forgiving than Pro Adhesive

  • Spirit Gum is good for applying beards, whether you are a beginner or professional

*Need an adhesive that will last all day? Pro Adhesive is the better choice.* 


Spirit Gum Remover from Tim Vittetoe Originals
Spirit Gum Remover



Spirit Gum Remover
Mild spirit gum remover. 2 oz. recommended with purchase of Spirit Gum adhesive.

Work remover under appliance with a sponge or cotton swab to dissolve the Spirit Gum and clean up the skin.
No int'l shipping.

Price: $4.95   2 oz.    Item  #88543

         $12.95   8 oz.    Item  #88544



Liquid Latex from Tim Vittetoe Originals
Liquid Latex

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Foam Latex Prosthetics


Liquid Latex
Used to smooth edges on foam latex appliances, make unusual skin textures or as an adhesive for prosthetics and crepe wool hair.  Colorless when dry.  No remover required - simply peel cured latex off skin.

Price: $5.75  1 oz.     Item  #88562