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ImpaQt FX specializes in SFX and Beauty/Straight makeup for film, TV, video, web, etc.  We also create custom props, scale models and displays for entertainment and advertising industries as well as for private individuals.  "If it doesn't exist, we'll create it!"



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 Special Effects Makeup

 Beauty and Straight Makeup

Scale Models and Miniatures:

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Displays and Promotions


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View a Demo Reel of our MAKEUP work.

IMDB page - Tim

IMDB page - Lisa

"Professional. Diligent. On time. Within budget. A real pleasure to work with. Great team spirit! And their work? Aliens better than the Star Wars Cantina. Beauty make up that could make anyone look like a star. In short: hire these guys! They are the best!"

- Sky Conway
Producer, Star Trek Renegades


"Tim and Lisa are two of the finest make up professionals I have ever had the privilege to work with. Not only are they highly skilled at everything from beauty make up to creature, from gore to appliances, but their fun personalities make them a joy to have on set. Anything I direct or produce will definitely include Tim & Lisa as make up leads."

  - Vic Mignogna
Voice Actor, Exec Producer/Director
Star Trek Continues


"After hiring Lisa for several projects, I can say she is an all-star on set. She’s punctual, prepared and her work is fantastic. She’s always willing to go the extra mile and, if needed, can scale back according to what the director wants. She’s amiable, adaptable, and I really have absolutely nothing bad to say about her! It’s a no-brainer. Hire her now!"

 - Ramón Govea
Writer. Producer. Director.
Black Mast Studios


"I have worked with Tim for over 10 years and his company ImpaQt FX has provided outdoor billboard props to Crispin, Porter + Bogusky on a variety of ad campaigns, including an IKEA billboard campaign that received Best of Show at the Outdoor Advertising Association of America’s 62nd annual Obie Awards. Tim is great to collaborate and problem solve with throughout the process and is a true partner. My recent move to Street Factory Media, will provide plenty of opportunities to work with Tim and his team on future projects."

- Barrie Bamberg
Director of Props & Dimensional Media Production
Street Factory Media


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