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Scale Models, Dioramas and Miniatures
We design and construct dioramas, miniatures for film and TV, desktop models, proof-of-concept, museum quality replicas for indoor and outdoor use, store-front displays and prototypes.  Send e-mail, or call us at 425.260.8949 to let us know about your specific project needs.


IKEA Desktop Model
This 1/64 scale model was created for the advertising agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky so they could visualize how the Mammut Chair would look on the wall at the New Jersey IKEA store.

IKEA Desktop Model of Mammut Chair on Elizabeth, NJ Wall
Click to see a bigger picture.

Mining Car Miniature
From photos and measurements taken on site, a detailed drawing is created that can be used to construct a scale model.

The scale model of the mining car is made from a variety of materials including styrene, stainless steel wire and brass. The scale of this model is "S" or 3/16" = 1 foot. 

Mining Car scale model

Reference Photos
Reference photos of a real mining car are shot in Calico, California, a ghost town 10 miles north of Barstow.

Mining Car
Click image to see a bigger picture

Mining Car Scale Drawing
Click image to see a bigger picture

California Zephyr
This 'HO' scale model was created as a desktop display.  It includes a button in the back that played a sound clip.  The base was hand crafted, and an acrylic dome was created (not shown) to protect the model.

See Wikipedia for complete information about the original California Zephyr.

California Zephyr Model - HO Scale, Desktop Model
California Zephyr Model - HO Scale, Desktop Model

Scale Model of the 1969 Lunar Landing Module
Scale Model of the 1969 NASA
Lunar Landing Module

Click image to enlarge


Lunar Module
This 1/48 scale model of the 1969 NASA lunar landing module was commissioned by Filmateria for use in a Microsoft promotional video.  After the shoot, the model was presented as a gift to a Microsoft executive.

1969 Lunar Landing Module on Desktop Display
Model of 1969 Lunar Landing Module on Display

3/4" Figure Walking to the "Otis Coal Company"
3/4" Figure Walking to the "Otis Coal Company" Shack

Model Railroad Diorama

The model train diorama won a prize in a Model Railroader Magazine photography contest. Attention to every detail was given to this HO scale scene.  The snow is sifted baking soda, and the icicles on the power lines were made from white glue cut to shape.  Low voltage "grain of wheat" light bulbs were used to provide lighting.  Model includes a coal company, miner's shack and a narrow gauge Shay locomotive.

(See More Detail)


1/2 scale Bear Country sign
1/24 Scale Model of Miniature Set
for Television Pilot

Bear Country
Bear Country
is a 1/24 scale miniature set we created for a 30 minute children's video produced by Adam Mensh. The 3 ft x 4 ft set covers a scale area of 75 ft x 100 ft and includes a forested area and four bear caves.

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