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Special Effects Makeup Portfolio                      Makeup Demo Reel  (see also Beauty and Straight Makeup and Makeup Services)

Bruce Young as "Borrada"

Lou Ferrigno as "Zaminhon" in Star Trek Continues

Courtney Peldon as "Shree"

Vic Mignogna as "Garis" (see a video on the process of this makeup))


Rico Anderson as "Boras"

Manu Intiraymi as "Icheb"

The Walking Dead Escape!

We partnered with AMC's The Walking Dead for a promotion at PetCo Park in San Diego. We single-handedly created 20 zombies who attacked the poor gentleman who threw the first pitch at a Padres game! Here's a video clip.




Flex Alexander trauma makeup fx

Trauma Makeup
Trauma makeup was used to create these looks. LEFT: The character (played by Flex Alexander) had just jumped through a window. BELOW: The character (played by Rene Rosado) had been brutally beaten several days earlier...



Emperor Prosthetic Makeup Application by Tim Vittetoe
Prosthetic Design and Makeup Application by Tim Vittetoe

Emperor  Prosthetic Makeup Application
We were commissioned to create a character similar to Emperor Palpatine from Star WarsThis included taking a life cast of actor Jack Frasier, sculpting the prosthetic in clay, making a mold, and casting the foam latex pieces that were applied to the actor's face.

Emperor Prosthetic Sculpt by Tim Vittetoe
Emperor Sculpt by Tim Vittetoe

Zombie Foam Latex Appliance and Makeup by Tim Vittetoe
Foam Latex Zombie Appliance by Tim Vittetoe

Zombie Make-up Application by Tim Vittetoe
Zombie Make-up by Tim Vittetoe

More Zombies
For the film, "Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day"
We created many of the special visual effects including using a video game controller that appeared stuck in a zombie eye, and a decapitation!  You can find out more information by visiting the IMDB web site:  

Zombies from Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day
Zombies from
Show Day, Bloody Snow Day
Click to see a bigger picture

Zombie Prosthetic Appliance Sculpt by Tim Vittetoe
Zombie Appliance Original Sculpt

Alien Forehead Makeup Application by Tim Vittetoe


Klingon Warrior Makeup Application

Original Klingon Warrior forehead prosthetic sculpt by Tim Vittetoe.

Keith Batt (Enterprise Navigator / Klingon Officer on Star Trek: Of Gods and Men), makeup by Tim Vittetoe




Black American Prosthetic Make-up
Caucasian to Black American Prosthetic by Tim Vittetoe,
Makeup Application by Client
Click to see a bigger picture

Prosthetic Sculpt on Life Cast



Transformation Make-up
In 1959, concerned by the lack of communication between the races and wondering what "adjustments and discriminations" he would face as a Black American in the Deep South, the late author John Howard Griffin, a journalist and self-described "specialist in race issues," left behind his life as a Southern white man to step into the body of a stranger.  45+ years later, a writer living in the Midwest will retest his theories about discrimination by conducting a similar social experiment in Ohio.


Old Age Make-up Application by Tim Vittetoe
Old Age Make-up Application by Tim Vittetoe


Old Age Make-up
The model shown here is wearing a bald head cap, old age forehead, bulbous nose and cheek prosthetics.  Old age makeup and crepe wool hair was used to create this unusual character. 

Old Age Make-up Application by Tim Vittetoe
Old Age Make-up Application


Green Man Group Mask by Tim Vittetoe Originals
Green Man Latex Pull-over Mask


Green Man Mask
We created custom green man latex masks for executives to wear at a special event.  Inspired by the Blue Man Group look, these masks needed to match the color of the company's logo and be easily removable within seconds for a surprise reveal.

Here's what B&B Media Productions had to say about us:

"I just wanted to let you know that the masks were absolutely extraordinary. The executives who wore them thought they were comfortable, as well as exactly what they were looking for. The color was perfect & the gloves were great. We even decided to get rid one of our other costumes and use the third mask instead.  Again, job well done. I am very pleased at how they turned out and I can not wait to work with you again."

Cheryle Caplinger
B&B Media Productions



Eyebrow Covers and Ear Tip Application - Tim Vittetoe Originals
Eyebrow Covers and Ear Tip Application by Tim Vittetoe



Eyebrow Covers & Ear  Tips
Foam Latex eyebrow covers and latex ear tips are used in this makeup application. Straight beauty makeup was applied after the eyebrow covers and crepe wool faux eyebrows were attached.

Foam Latex Eyebrow Blenders
Foam Latex Eyebrow Covers


Cat Nose Sculpt for Foam Latex ApplianceCat Nose Makeup Application by Tim Vittetoe
Cat Nose Sculpt and Make-up Application by Tim Vittetoe



Cat Nose Prosthetic
This prosthetic nose created by Tim Vittetoe was inspired by the Cat in the Hat. The foam latex appliance comfortably fits most faces.


Robotic Foam Latex Appliance - Tim Vittetoe Originals
Female Robotic Face from Life Cast


Robotic Makeup Design
A life cast of this actress was used to create a foam latex appliance to transform her into a robot for the film short Post-Modern Love.   The faceplate is made from cast polyurethane and is seen in the film being removed from her face to reveal the electronics beneath. 


Frankenstein Makeup Application



Monster Makeup Application

The foam latex appliance was sculpted by Gil Mosko who won an Emmy for his recreation of Herman Munster in "The Munsters Today" show.  The foam prosthetic was worn by John Schuck who played Herman between 1987 and 1991.

The prosthetic and makeup application was done by Tim Vittetoe and Lisa Hansell for this short film starring Stephen Gregory:

"A Day in the Life"


Alien Foam Latex Appliance
Alien Make-up Application by Tim Vittetoe


Alien Makeup Design
This alien character makeup was axhieved by applying a foam latex prosthetic created by Tim Vittetoe.

Click here to see the process.

Van Helsing Maze Attraction Skull Mask, NBC-Universal City Walk Attraction, foam latex mask, dental acrylic teeth by Tim Vittetoe


Tim Russ in makeup chair with left pointed ear tip attached, makeup by Tim Vittetoe for Star Trek:  Of Gods and Men.

Andorian Officer played by Charles Webb, makeup application by Tim Vittetoe

Original Andorian forehead and antennae sculpt by Tim Vittetoe
Xela (Chase Masterson), slave girl airbrushed makeup application by Tim Vittetoe Chase Masterson as Xela, green makeup by Tim Vittetoe
Crystal Allen (Navigator Yara), SFX makeup by Tim Vittetoe, beauty makeup by Tyla Smith Vampire Forehead Makeup Application by Tim Vittetoe Vampire Forehead Sculpt and Makeup Application
by Tim Vittetoe
Makeup sculpt by Tim Vittetoe for "Last Stand" film, used by alpha wolf Alpha wolf character in "Last Stand", makeup by Tim Vittetoe
Leg wound latex appliance by Tim Vittetoe for "Last Stand" film White Witch crown designed and created by Tim Vittetoe for "Narnia" premiere at Buena Vista Studios  (Disney)
Alien forehead application on Jean-Luc Picard look-alike Giles Aston, sculpt by Gil Mosko, application by Tim Vittetoe, hair by Lisa Hansell Zombie appliance designed and created by Tim Vittetoe, used in "How-to" article in "Horror Show" magazine on how to create your own zombie

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