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Military / EMS / Halloween Injury Simulation Kit

(or Halloween Party and Haunted House Makeup Kit)
Our injury simulation kit is perfect for emergency response personnel who want to create virtually any simulated trauma or injury.  Great for organizations that require preparation, planning and training in response to natural disasters, terrorist attacks, military operations or other emergencies.  Emergency response teams from civilian and non-civilian organizations including military and government personnel, federal, state and local agencies, police, fire departments, and hospital staff  will find this kit extremely valuable in training exercises and operations.

Professional EMS Trauma Kit from Tim Vittetoe Originals
Professional EMS Trauma (Moulage) Kit

Professional EMS Trauma Kit  (Also Halloween Party and Haunted House Makeup Kit!)
This kit contains all the necessary moulage makeup to create bruises, cuts, bloody contusions, blisters, broken bones, pale pallor and all manner of accident related gore effects.  Comes with a sturdy pullman style aluminum make-up case (shown) completely stocked with the makeup you'll need PLUS an instructional DVD!

See a complete description and a list of the items in our EMS Moulage Makeup Kit (PDF file).  You could create this kit from the list we provide, but at 20% additional expense and time.  We reserve the right to make substitutions of equal or greater value. No int'l shipping.

Price with case: $709.00 

Item  #20001   




Professional Severe Trauma Makeup Kit

  • Five Crème Make-up Colors - one for foundation skin shade and four for bruising effects

  • Face Powder

  • Powder Puff

  • Make-up brush

  • Modeling Wax, Stage Blood

  • Spirit Gum

  • Spirit Gum Remover

  • Liquid Latex

  • 3 Sponge wedge applicators

  • 2 Stipple Sponges

  • Red Lining Pencil

  • Black Tooth Wax

  • Two full-color instruction sheets



Severe Trauma Kit - Deluxe
This trauma kit provides you with makeup to create trauma and injury effects including bruises, scrapes, cuts, blisters, contusions, warts and pus-filled pockets.  Comes with exceptionally complete instructions.
No int'l shipping.

Price: $33.95        
Item  #88864

Trauma Make-up by
Tim Vittetoe


Standard Severe Trauma Makeup Kit
Standard Severe Trauma Kit


Severe Trauma Kit - Standard
This smaller version of the deluxe severe trauma kit contains:

  • Four Crème Make-Up Colors

  • Spirit Gum

  • Modeling Wax

  • Powder Puff

  • Blood

  • Stipple Sponge

  • Brush

  • Complete instructions

Note: Pencil for the head not included. No int'l shipping.

Price: $18.95  
Item  #88854    



Stage Blood

Our Stage Blood is the color of REAL Blood. You'll be very happy with this shade if you're looking for realism. Not a thick gel, but not really runny either. Sort of a slow dripping syrup consistency.  May stain fabric.

Price: 8 oz.  $14.00  
Item  #88594

BBlood Tips Video: 


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