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Last Updated:  April 10, 2006

Detailed Design Drawings

A steel framework with mounting plates has been designed so that each extension may be securely attached to the billboard.  A structural analysis has been completed by Jim Haynes, P.E., State of Washington License #21470.  The findings state that the frame and prop installation meet the requirements of IBC 2003 and ASCE 7-02 for a ground wind design condition of 110 mph.  Compliance is predicated on the installer concluding the pivot are attachment to the billboard with a structure capable of restraining the normal loads imposed at that location.   The total estimated weight is approx. 432 lbs including the prop, the frame and the hardware.

Click here to download the complete structural analysis report.

Luggage Strap and Buckle Framework

Adjustable Extensions on Support Frame

The extension arms allow for adjustment of the buckle distance from the billboard face and will accommodate various billboard configurations including both old and new billboard construction.

Corner Treatment and Span Treatment
The corners of the billboards will also include a round corner treatment.  The detail drawing shows the corner pieces and how they will be mounted to the corners of the billboard.  In addition, the billboards must be extended approx. 10 1/2" on all sides. 
Note:  Billboard Installer may elect to construct extensions to span entire billboard length for additional vinyl support.

Corner and Middle Extensions Attached to Billboard

Corner Treatment (1/2" Dia. Bolts Not Shown Here)


Alignment of Strap and Oval Hole
The right edge of the strap should line up with the right edge of the simulated tag hole in the vinyl.  This applies to all billboard sizes.

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