Easily find how-to information, tutorials, hard-to-find tools, web sites and references.

How-to Guides and Instructions

Foam Latex Masks and Prosthetic Appliances: A Make-up Application Guide (pdf)
Dental Distortions FX Fangs Fitting Instructions
Dracula Fangs Fitting Instructions
Costume and Prop Building: How-to information on building a Stormtrooper costume, full metal blaster rifle and more.

Cosplay, Costumes and Props

Cosplay.com:  Great source for costumes, photos, events and forums.
Cosplaytutorial.com: Long list of resources and tutorials for creating your favorite character.
The Prop Store of London: Specializes in hard-to-find movie props and collectibles.
XScapes Sci-Fi Originals: Prop dealer of licensed film replica props including Star Trek™, Star Wars™, Terminator™ and Lord of the Rings™.

Production Resources

9mm Special Effects: Specializes in theatrical and SFX contact lenses.
Star Wars: Home of the official site.
RD-D2 Builders Club. Build your own R2-D2.  Resources, discussion forms and files are available.
BB-8 Builders Club.  Register to get access to everything you’ll need to build your own BB-8.

Models, Kits, Building Supplies and Hard-to-find Tools

Micro-Mark®: Great source for model building tools, hard-to-find items and supplies for anyone who works on dioramas, military vehicles, rockets, railroads, ships and dollhouses, plastic, wood or metal.
Gremlins in the Garage: Hundreds of models and kits available from larger companies to smaller ones that operate out of their garages.
Moebius Models: Classic science fiction and horror model kits. Intended to fill the void left by Aurora and Polar Lights who are no longer producing their plastic model kits.
Chavant Modeling Clay: 125 years of providing the best quality and selection of modeling clays worldwide.