About Foam Latex Masks and Appliances

Benefits of Foam Latex Masks and Appliances

Why is Foam Latex Better than Liquid Latex?

Regular liquid latex masks simply don’t look real. They are typically made large enough to fit over your head and the edges are thick. They don’t breathe and you have to take them off to drink or eat.

Our foam latex masks and appliances are different. They are made of high quality, soft foam latex with thin edges that blend into your real skin. When applied properly, they blend into your real skin and you won’t see where the edges are.

Other benefits of Foam Latex Masks and Appliances:
  1. You can see the expressions of the wearer.
  2. Since they are made of soft foam latex, they wick away perspiration and can be worn for hours.
  3. You can typically eat and drink without having to remove the mask or appliance first.

Collage of Special Effects Foam Latex Masks and Appliances

About Our Masks and Prosthetic Appliances
  1. They are designed by Hollywood Professionals with comfort in mind since they are generally worn for many hours.
  2. They are perfect for film, TV, commercials, parties, theater, conventions, trade shows, Halloween, cosplay, or corporate events.
  3. You can order our masks and appliances with the makeup pre-applied by us, saving you time while getting a professional look.
  4. While we don’t guarantee that you’ll be able to reuse your appliance or mask, you should get several reuses if you are careful when removing the pieces and powder them before storing them in a plastic bag.  Since the edges are very thin, they can also be torn if not carefully removed after being loosened.

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