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Proudly Made in the USA Our beauty and special effects makeup are proudly made in the USA. In addition, our special effects RMG makeup was specifically created for latex masks and appliances. RMG makeup contains castor oil which protects the latex and is similar to the oil in your skin. The castor oil ensures the makeup doesn’t look chalky and allows it to be blended into your real skin for the most realistic results.

TIP: We recommend that you seal your latex mask or appliance with prosthetic adhesive.  Once sealed, you can apply any type of makeup including creme or RMG.

Special Effects Makeup

Choose from a variety of RMG makeup wheels:

20 Color RMG Palettes

Save 20% and time by getting our 20 color Basic Shades RMG palette or our 20 color F/X RMG palette. You’ll be able to select a color that closely matches what you are looking for, saving you time.

Just Getting Started?

You can also get our Foam Latex Makeup Application Kit which will provide you with everything you’ll need to create your character.

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