Disguise Makeup Kits

We create disguise makeup kits worn by agents during undercover operations. Our kits are intended for agents that want to be transformed in under 5 minutes so they cannot be recognized. The items in this kit allow you to change your hair length, add a mustache, a mole, glasses and teeth within 5 minutes or less. If you have more time, you can use the other items in our kit. They allow you to add a scar or transform your nose. Instructions are provided.

The kit was designed by a member of law enforcement that regularly conducts sting operations. Non-detection is critical to their success and personal safety. Being able to blend into a crowd is critical. Since makeup applications are dependent on the skill of the person using or applying the makeup, we assume no liability for detection or misuse. Injury and even death can occur when used, so use is at your own risk.


We try to screen who will be using our disguise kits to help ensure that our disguise kit is used only for legal purposes. However, we cannot guarantee how our disguise kit will be used.

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