Evil Forehead, Fangs and Blood

Add an evil forehead to your vampire costume.  Made of soft foam latex, you’ll be able to comfortably wear this appliance for hours.

Evil Forehead with Nose

Evil Forehead with Nose

Dracula / Vampire Fangs

For a traditional look, add our dracula fangs which fit over your existing teeth.  Once fitted, you can easily pop them in an out.  You can also re-fit them as needed.

Vampire Fangs Upper and Lower Veneers

For a more unique look, use our “Lucius” fangs which have perfect hygiene and have both upper and lower veneers.  These thin veneer teeth easily fit over your real teeth and can be refitted easily as needed.  While thin, they are also very strong. With all of our teeth, complete directions provided.

Vampire Fangs (Upper and Lower)

Vampire Fangs (Upper/Lower)

Got Blood?

Not sure what blood you need?  We recommend our blood gel which is perfect for a vampire.

 Blood gel, 1 oz

Blood gel, 1 oz

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