Makeup for Foam Latex Masks and Prosthetic Appliances

When applying makeup to a foam latex mask or prosthetic appliance, you’ll want to use a Rubber Mask Grease (RMG) wheel.  RMG wheels were specifically created for foam latex masks and prosthetic appliances and contain castor oil to protect the material.

We offer a variety of RMG makeup wheels to help you get the best results when you create your character.  Further, RMG wheels can be used on your real skin and blended in for the most realistic results.

Why Graftobian RMG Makeup Wheels?

Graftobian is considered an industry standard. All Graftobian RMG wheels are highly pigmented to provide greater coverage over a wide variety of skin and fake skin surfaces.

We have a variety of RMG wheels to choose from. Select the RMG wheel that makes it easy for you to create the most realistic looking character.

RMG Wheels to Choose From:

Natural Skin Tones (6)
Special Effects Colors (6 of the most common colors used)
Primary Colors (6)
Bald Head Cap Colors (6)