Old Age Special Effects Appliances and Makeup

We offer very realistic old age makeup and appliances that can be used to transform anyone from young to old.

Here’s a timelapse video (25 seconds) showing how we transformed a young Captain Kirk to and older Captain Kirk (Vic Mignogna). The actual makeup took 5 hours!

What Makes You Look Old?

Old age forehead
Bald cap
Naso-labial folds
Eye bags
Eye bags with lids
Neck wattle
Aging ears
Bulbous nose
Graying facial hair

About Our Old Age Appliances

We use soft foam latex that wrinkles like real skin.  Foam latex also allows the actor’s expressions to read through. They are comfortable, require little maintenance and will enhance the performance of an actor.  Unlike silicone appliances, foam latex appliances absorb perspiration and allow the skin to breathe.

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