Fake Noses that Look Real

Our character noses are very realistic. They are made of soft foam latex so they are very light-weight. Our noses are also strong and wrinkle like real skin when applied properly. Designed and fabricated by Hollywood professionals, they have extremely thin edges so they seamlessly blend with your real skin. Reuse them with careful removal using rubbing alcohol, letting it dry, then powdering the nose before placing it in a plastic bag.

When our fake noses are applied properly, they look real!  The edges can be blended into your real skin so you can’t see them.

Cyrano Nose – perfect for Cyrano de Bergerac or a musketeer
Cat Nose – use for a Cat in the Hat™ costume
Pig Nose – great for Miss Piggy
Rabbit Nose
Werewolf Nose
Bulbous Nose
Witch Nose
Santa Nose and Cheeks
Elf Nose
“Bajoran” Nose Bridge – turn yourself into a “Bajoran” for your next convention

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