Makeup for Foam Latex Masks & Prosthetic Appliances

When applying makeup to a foam latex mask or prosthetic appliance, you’ll want to use  Rubber Mask Grease (RMG).  RMG makeup was specifically created for foam latex masks and prosthetic appliances.  RMG makeup contains castor oil which protects the latex and is similar to the oil in your skin. The castor oil ensures the makeup doesn’t look chalky and allows it to be blended into your real skin for the most realistic results.

We recommend that you seal your latex mask or appliance. Check out our prosthetic adhesive which is great for sealing any latex pieces. You can also use our prosthetic adhesive to attach your foam latex mask or appliance to your skin.

We offer a variety of RMG wheels to choose from. Select the RMG wheel that makes it easy for you to create the most realistic looking character.

Choose From:

  • Natural Skin Tones (6), aka a Derma wheel, was developed by The Makeup Designory (MUD), one of the most well-known makeup training schools in the USA . The colors in this RMG wheel are: Ceylon Vinnamon, Sunrise Flush, Graceful Swan, Burnt Amber, Olivia, and Hazelnut.
  • Appliance FX Makeup RMG Wheel contains 6 of the most useful and commonly required shades used to create a variety of characters. The colors included in this RMG wheel are: Medium Honey, Green, Light Cream, Ebony, Red, and Milk Chocolate. This RMG wheel is also found in our Foam Latex Makeup Application Kit.
  • Primary Colors (5) is perfect for jokers and clowns. The colors included in this RMG wheel are: White, Black, Red, Yellow, and Blue. Extra white is included.
  • Bald Head Cap Colors (6) These shades are ideal for both natural skin shades for bald caps and even for your favorite Blue Man. The colors included in this RMG wheel are: Blue, Light Cream, Medium Honey, Warm Tan, Egyptian, and Special Dark.  This RMG wheel also be found in our Bald Cap Kit.

Looking for a Complete Kit?

Check our severe trauma kits.  You’ll find everything you’ll need to simulate trauma injuries.
You can also get our Foam Latex Makeup Application Kit which will provide you with everything you’ll need to create your character.

Coming Soon…

We’ll soon be offering the two additional RMG wheels: the Injury F/X Wheel, which is ideal for creating bruising, jaundice, swelling effects, and other injuries. We’ll also be offering the Trauma F/X Wheel is great for zombies and for mass casualty simulation.