Realistic Teeth and Fangs

Our realistic teeth and fangs are unmatched. They are sculpted by a professional artist, hand-cast in high quality, dental grade acrylic, then stained.

Custom Fit to Your Own Teeth
The new material is extremely flexible. Hydroplastic pellets are softened in hot water, then pressed on to your teeth as a thin veneer. You can re-soften the hydroplastic as often as you’d like so it’s easy to refit to your teeth as they change.

Talk Normally
Our teeth and fangs fit over the front part of your real teeth and gums so you can talk normally.

Thin But Strong
The teeth and gums are made ultra thin to minimize the bulge over your real teeth and to make sure they are sufficiently strong.

Veneer Teeth Flexibility, Strength and Thinness Looking for Custom Teeth?
Design, sculpting, mold-making and casting services are available for custom teeth. Tell us how we can help with your project – send us a message.

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