Realistic Wounds, Injuries and Diseases

We offer 3D FX Transfers by Tinsley which are perfect for wounds, injuries and diseases. Extremely realistic results can be achieved very quickly and at a price that is very reasonable.  All of our FX transfers are applied with water only and can be seamlessly blended into your skin. They are long lasting and will stay in place until you are ready to remove the transfer.


These transfers, created by Hollywood FX artists, have earned Tinsley an Academy Award for Technical Achievement.

Advantages Over Foam Latex Appliances

  • No glue is required to apply a transfer, just water
  • Easily blended into the skin
  • Can be quickly applied
  • Are long lasting

Disadvantages Over Foam Latex Appliances

  • Transfers are limited to thinner pieces (typ. 1/4″ or less)
  • Transfers won’t work well for larger features such as noses or chins
  • Can be easily damaged when handling
  • Transfer material is thicker than foam latex and won’t bend as easily

So, while FX transfers have some great benefits over foam latex prosthetic appliances, they shouldn’t be used in all situations.  Our guidelines should help you decide when a transfer can be used vs a foam latex appliance.