Zombie Masks and Prosthetic Appliances

About Our Zombies

Our zombie masks and prosthetic appliances are movie quality.  They are made of soft foam latex and can be worn for long periods during a convention or production.

Buy a Ready-Made Zombie

Want a zombie mask that’s ready to wear? Check out our masks belows:

Withered Zombie Example Makeup Application

Get a Complete Zombie Kit

Create Your Own Zombie

You can also easily create your own zombie. Simply combine our zombie prosthetic appliances to create your favorite zombie.  You’ll be ready to lumber around your next convention or Halloween event.

Our zombie appliances:

What Else Do I Need?

 "Dead Fred" Zombie Teeth

“Dead Fred” Zombie Teeth

Blend your Mask Edges So They Disappear

Download our FREE guide on how to apply foam latex masks and appliances, hide the edges, remove and store them.

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