Zombie Masks and Prosthetic Appliances

We offer ready-made movie quality zombie masks. and prosthetic appliance so you can create your own zombie for your next convention or Halloween event.  All of our zombie masks and appliances are made of soft foam latex.  They are extremely comfortable to wear, highly detailed and sculpted by Hollywood makeup artists including Larry Bones and Rob Burman. Check out our complete line of zombie appliances.

All of our zombie masks and appliances are great for your next cosplay appearance as your favorite walking dead character.

 Zombie, Foam Latex Appliance

Ready-to-wear Zombie Mask -Sculpted by Larry Bones


What Else Will I Need?

Want to Learn More?

Our Foam Latex Masks and Prosthetic Appliances:  A Make-up Application Guide is great for both professionals and hobbyists that want to learn how to get the best results from their appliances.

Table of Contents

Rubber Masks vs. Foam Latex 1
Before You Begin 2
List of Supplies 4
Choosing an Adhesive 5
How to Attach the Appliance 7
Blending the Edges of the Appliance 8
Applying a Base Color 9
Adding Shadows 10
Adding Highlights 10
Stippling 10
Setting the Make-up 11
Removing Your Appliance 12
Storing Your Appliance 13

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