“Klingon” Style Character Kit




Alien Warrior Kit for Your Next Convention

Our alien warrior kit is complete. It’s perfect for a Klingon™ appearance at your next convention. It has a wig attached, professional make-up and eyebrow hair already applied!  Choose from a “Duras” or “Worf” style forehead.

Keith Blatt as Klingon Security Officer, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men

“Duras” Style

"Worf" Style Klingon

“Worf” Style

Apply this foam latex appliance to create the most realistic warrior. You can reuse this prosthetic several times with proper care (ask us how!). Qapla’!

Tip: Add adhesive, crepe wool for a goatee, and makeup for your skin and you’re set!

Just Getting Started?

Check out our foam latex makeup application kit. It has everything you’ll need to attach, color, remove latex or store your foam latex pieces.

Want a Better Adhesive?

Our Pro-Adhesive lasts longer than spirit gum. Find out the difference.

Want More Information?

Download our FREE Foam Latex Appliances: Make-up Application Guide (PDF).  Find out how to apply, remove and store your own foam latex masks and appliances. Great for beginners or professionals.

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"Duras" Style Forehead Only, "Duras" Style Complete, "Worf" Style Forehead Only, "Worf" Style Complete