Appliance FX Makeup, 6 color RMG Wheel


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Our Appliance FX RMG (Rubber Mask Grease) makeup wheel has 6 of the most useful colors in special effects makeup. RMG makeup is specifically designed to protect foam latex masks and appliances, but also works equally well on the skin.  These colors were developed with the help of Brad Look, an award-winning makeup artist.

Just Getting Started?

Our Foam Latex Makeup Application Kit provides a great alternative to buying everything individually. It already contains this appliance FX RMG makeup wheel. It will also provide you with everything else you need to apply your foam latex mask or appliances.

What Else Do I Need?


TIP:  RMG makeup contains castor oil to protect foam latex masks and appliances. Even so, we recommend that you seal your latex items with Pro Adhesive before applying the RMG makeup. You can then use either creme foundation or RMG to color your mask or appliances and be able to blend either makeup into your real skin.

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Want More Information on Applying Makeup?

Download our FREE Foam Latex Prosthetics: Make-up Application Guide (pdf).

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