Autopsy Makeup, Waterproof, Sweat Proof

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We offer the Encore Alcohol Activated AUTOPSY Makeup Palette. Since difficult colors are already mixed for you, it will be easier for you to create zombies, monsters, trauma victims and individuals that make you wonder how they are still walking. Easily create decayed flesh, exposed muscle, fatty tissue, exposed organs, tendons, trauma injuries, bruises and more.


Tip #1:  Since nothing is ever a single color, you’ll get the best results when you add thin layers using different colors.
Tip #2:  Use an old toothbrush to spatter on a darker color.  The spatter will break up the surface and your makeup will look even more real.  Don’t over do it – less is more.

AUTOPSY Makeup Palette Colors: Tendon, Tainted Tissue, Bile, Spleen, Liver, Fetid Flesh, Clot, Rancid, Decayed, Contusion

Encore Advantages

  • Fully customizable magnetic case
  • Convenient restocking of individual colors
  • Water, sweat and transfer proof makeup
  • Realistic natural finish
  • Micronized HD pigments
  • Dries instantly
  • Designed for brush or sponge application
  • Encore is vegan and gluten, paraben, mica, and silicon free
  • Easily removable with Vapore (contains Isopropyl Myristate) or UNVEIL (no solvent)
  • Encore is made using EBA’s proprietary formulas
  • Made in the USA by European Body Art (EBA)
  • Exclusive formulation
  • FDA approved cosmetic grade ingredients


Why Are Encore Alcohol Palettes Unique?

Magnetic Case
Encore pallets feature an innovative magnetic case that is the first case ever designed when it comes to alcohol activated palettes. The magnetic case allows makeup artists to rearrange and replace individual colors easily based on their project.

Easy Refills
Each refill is dry and ready to use. Makeup artists can stock up on popular colors or quickly restock a color when needed.

Easier Color Pan Entry
The lower profile border allows an easy entry when using wider brushes and sponges.

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