“Bajoran” Style Nose Bridge


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“Bajoran” Style Nose Bridge – Great for Your Next Convention

Turn yourself into your favorite alien using our “Bajoran” style nose bridge. Perfect for cosplay at your next convention appearance or party. Our nose bridge, made of platinum silicone, has thin edges and is encapsulated with mouldlife baldiez which is great for prosthetic appliances, too. Seamlessly blend it into your real skin using 99% isopropyl rubbing alcohol (IPA) – the edges will melt away.  Reuse it with careful removal. Get your Pagh on!

What Else Do You Need?

We recommend our Pro-Adhesive or Telesis. Telesis is quite expensive, but it also incredibly strong.  Pro-Adhesive will last longer than spirit gum.  Find out the difference.

Since this prosthetic is encapsulated with baldiez that is dissolved with alcohol (IPA), you should be able to apply either RMG makeup or alcohol-activated makeup.  Since makeup will not stick to silicon products, they are encapsulated first.

Tip:  While your appliance is already encapsulated with Baldiez, if necessary, you can lightly add hair spray to the surface which your makeup will stick to.  Be sure to test this on another silicone appliance you don’t care about, BEFORE applying it to your nose bridge appliance.  Let dry completely.

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