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Our cat nose is made of soft foam latex and light-weight yet strong. Our noses are designed and fabricated by Hollywood professionals and are very realistic. Since our noses have extremely thin edges, they can be seamlessly blended with your real skin. You’ll be able to reuse this nose by carefully removing it with rubbing alcohol, letting it dry, then powdering before placing it in a plastic bag.

TIP: Put a small amount of powder in the plastic storage bag. Then shake the bag before placing the nose in it.  It’ll keep the nose edges from sticking to the inside of the bag.

 Cat Nose Makeup Application by Tim Vittetoe

Cat Nose Makeup Application

Suggestion:  Use our cat nose to help create a Cat in the Hat™ character.

What Else Do I Need?

You’ll need a way to attach your nose. Use our prosthetic adhesive or spirit gum. You’ll also want to blend your nose into your real skin using our natural skin tones palette or apply white makeup using our primary colors RMG makeup.

 RMG Primary Colors RMG Makeup

Primary Colors RMG Makeup

Need Teeth?

Check out our realistic cat fangs.

Ultra Realistic Werewolf or Cat Fangs

Ultra Realistic Cat Fangs

Just Starting Out?

Our Foam Latex: Makeup Application Kit provides you with everything you’ll need to attach your nose, including the makeup with most common special effects colors.  This color wheel does not contain white makeup, so you’ll need to purchase that separately.

Other Noses

We offer many other types of noses:

Want to Learn More?

Check out our FREE guide on how to attach, apply makeup,remove and store your foam latex masks and appliances.

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Got whiskers?

Cat nose with whiskers, Cat nose without whiskers