Compound Bone Fracture 3D FX Transfer


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Our compound bone fracture 3D FX transfer, created by a Hollywood FX artist, creates a compound fracture where the bone protrudes out of the skin. Comes with blood colored adhesive that makes your wound look even more disturbing.

Easily Applied and Blended

The FX transfer is applied with water only and won’t come loose until you’re ready to remove the transfer.  The edges are easily blended into your skin for an extremely realistic effect.  Use the adhesive included to bond the bone to the FX transfer.

No Mess, Save Time, Lower Cost

Since there’s no messy adhesive needed, you’ll save time, money AND get amazing results!  Great for productions where realism is needed at a low cost with little to no touch ups required between takes.

Made in the USA

Proudly manufactured in the USA by Tinsley FX Transfers who received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement.

Note:  You’ll need to be careful when opening this product and follow the directions provided. Handling without care could result in damage to the product making it unusable.