Crepe Wool Hair for Beards, Mustaches & Eyebrows


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While there’s nothing like real human hair, it’s expensive. Crepe wool hair provides a great lower cost alternative and is often used to create facial hair such as a mustache, beard, eyebrows and sideburns.

About Crepe Wool Hair

Our crepe wool hair comes in 7″ strips and is curly. You can straighten it using an iron  It can also be purchased in 3′ lengths.

For the best results, glue the crepe wool hair in layers. As you add layers, be sure to orient the hair in the direction that it naturally grows. Use Graftobian spirit gum adhesive to glue the hair in place as you add layers.  After you apply the spirit gum, wait a few seconds, then gently tap the glue to “kick it off”.  It will become tacky and you’ll be able to apply the hair. To ensure the the hair sticks, use a rolled terry cloth towel to firmly press the hair into place. Trim the hair with scissors.

Why is our Spirit Gum Better?

Our spirit gum lasts longer. When you “tap” our glue, it becomes tacky and stays that way longer than other brands.

TIP: Since hair is never a single color, we recommend blending at least two colors for a more realistic look.

 Crepe wool hair, 12 colors, Graftobian

Crepe wool hair, 12 colors, Graftobian

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Lt. Blond (88711), Lt. Brown (88712), Med. Brown (88713), Dark Brown (88714), Lt. Grey (88715), Med. Grey (88716), Dark Grey (88717), Auburn (88718), White (88719), Black (88720), Lt. Brown/Grey (88721), Dark Brown/Grey (88722)