Horns: Large, Small or Nubs



We provide horns that come in large, small and nubs so you can easily cosplay your favorite character.  Save $6 and purchase all of our horn sizes at one time.

Large Horns (Foam Latex)

Large Horns


Small Horns

Small Horns

 Horn Nubs

Horn Nubs

Tip:  If you’re cosplaying a bald character, we recommend using a vinyl bald head cap instead of a latex bald head cap. While a latex bald head cap works great, a vinyl cap has edges that will melt away when applied properly.

Cosplaying a Master of Wielding a Double-bladed Weapon?

Our horns are easily secured to your bald head cap using pro adhesive. After that, you can apply red and black makeup.  Add your costume and weapon of choice and you’re good to go.

What Do I Need?

Tip:  For nasty-looking teeth, we recommend that you color your own teeth using a temporary, non-toxic tooth FX stain (such as a nicotine color).

Need Custom Work Done?

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