Morlock Teeth


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Morlocks, a fictional species and antagonists created by H. G. Wells for his 1895 novel, The Time Machine.  Morlocks are troglodytes that are cannibalistic.

We offer Morlock teeth so you can cosplay this famous cave-dwelling creature!

High Quality Dental Grade Acrylic and Strong

Our teeth are made from a high quality dental grade acrylic and are thin but also very strong. They go over your real teeth and once fitted, won’t come loose until you remove them. Hydroplastic, which can be re-softened, is used to secure them to your own teeth and can be re-fitted as needed.

Download our FREE fang/teeth fitting instructions.

Unmatched Veneer Teeth Flexibility, Strength and Thinness

 Dental Distortions Veneer Teeth Flexibility and Strength

Our Veneer Teeth Flexibility, Strength, Thinness without Hot Water

Talk Normally

Our teeth/fangs allow you to talk normally since they won’t interfere with your tongue.

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