Pro Adhesive or Pros-Aide


Pro Adhesive or Pros-Aide is a strong, flexible adhesive when dry. It is gentle on your skin, stronger than Spirit Gum and lasts much longer.

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Pro Adhesive or Pros-Aide is stronger than Spirit Gum and will last much longer. It remains flexible when dry, and it is also gentle to skin. Spirit Gum offers more working time than Pro Adhesive. If you are a beginner, you might consider a Latex and Foam Latex Makeup Application Kit that contains spirit gum along with everything else you’ll need.

TIP:  Re-activate Pro Adhesive with 99% rubbing alcohol to loosen your mask or appliance. Let dry and apply powder to the foam latex appliance to make sure the adhesive won’t stick to itself. Clean up your skin with Pro Adhesive remover or mineral oil to remove any adhesive that remains.  If you plan on reusing your foam latex mask or appliance, only use 99% rubbing alcohol since the edges will bloat with the oil found in the remover. It will be impossible to blend your appliance into your real skin if the edges have bloated.

Advantages over Spirit Gum:

  • Does not contain solvents that could irritate your skin
  • Water soluble when still wet
  • Virtually odorless
  • Lasts much longer
  • Can be reactivated with 99% rubbing alcohol
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