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Swamp Witch Foam Latex Mask

Other masks are often made of slip-cast latex, have thick edges and simply don’t look real. They require you to remove the mask to eat or drink. Our Swamp Witch mask is different. It is made of soft foam latex and has extremely thin edges so you can easily blend them into your real skin. And because of the design, you can eat and drink without having to take the mask off.

Our Swamp Witch Mask is part of the Woochie Pro FX line of Foam Latex Masks, known all over the world for Hollywood quality and styling.

Swamp Witch Foam Latex Mask

Swamp Witch Foam Latex Mask

What Else Do I Need?

Just Starting Out?

Check out our foam latex makeup application kit.  It has everything you’ll need to attach, color, and remove latex or foam latex pieces.

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Download our FREE Foam Latex Appliances: Make-up Application Guide (PDF).

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