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Our werewolf mask is made of soft foam latex. It has extremely thin edges that can easily blend into to your real skin.  They are light-weight, strong and wrinkle like real skin. Reuse our masks and appliances by carefully removing them with rubbing alcohol and powdering before placing them back in the container they shipped with.

Tip:  Let the mask dry completely before powdering.  Before you put the mask in the bag, add a little powder to the bag first to prevent sticking.

 Werewolf Makeup Application

Werewolf Makeup Application

What Else Do I Need?

Use our prosthetic adhesive or spirit gum to attach your mask to your face. Blend your mask into your real skin using our natural skin tones palette. Wig not included.

Need Werewolf Fangs?

Our werewolf fangs are strong and fit over your existing teeth using hydroplastic. When softened in hot water, hydroplastic is pressed on to the front of your teeth for a perfect fit.  You can re-soften the hydroplastic as often as you’d like to refit to your teeth as they change over time.

Realistic Werewolf or Cat Fangs

Realistic Werewolf or Cat Fangs

Just Starting Out?

Our Foam Latex: Makeup Application Kit provides you with everything you’ll need to attach, color and remove your mask. Our kit contains the most common special effects makeup colors.

Want to Learn More?

Download our FREE guide on how to apply and store foam latex masks and appliances.

Need a Custom Mask?

Send us an email or call us at 425.260.8949.

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