ImpaQt FX (IFX) creates props with a visual impact, keeps your costs low, saves you time, builds in safety, makes it easy for you to manage your project and has over 25 years industry experience.

ImpaQt FX allows you to:

Provide an Unforgettable Experience

Our eye-catching props make you stand out from the crowd.

Lower Your Costs

We lower your costs.  You’re not paying for an idle shop with full-time employees waiting for the next project.  We pull in experts as needed to work on your project. To save money on special effects makeup, we use off-the-shelf appliances whenever possible.

Save You Time

We save you time by providing one-stop shopping. You won’t have to visit multiple sites looking the products you need. We currently are distributors for Rubber Wear (aka Sticks and Stones), Graftobian, Wolfe FX (formerly Dental Distortions), European Body Art (EBA) and Morris Costumes.

Ensure Safety

We use our engineering expertise to build safety into all our props.  Depending on the location requirements, our designs can be certified.

Manage Your Project Easily

We make it easy for you to manage your clients 24/7 worldwide.  On larger projects, we’ll create a private, password-protected web site so updates and critical information can be easily shared anywhere, anytime.

Leverage Our 25+ Years Experience

We’ve been making props for over 25 years and have received multiple industry awards.  See what our clients are saying.