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Special Effects Makeup Artist Tips eBook
The Special Effects Makeup Artist Tips eBook is a compilation of artist tips from seasoned special effects makeup artists that have been collected over many years. These tips are found in a single document to make it convenient for anyone that wants to learn from those that have figured out a better way to do things. While you can watch videos on social media that contain some of these tips, they have been put in one place to save you time and the need to watch and aggregate many videos. These tips are designed to help makeup artists become better at their craft and to avoid common mistakes made by others.

Zombie Makeup: Step-by-Step Instructions with Professional Makeup Artist Tips
This guide provides simple, step-by-step instructions for crafting your own zombie make-up. With the help of a foam latex prosthetic and following the recommended makeup techniques, you can achieve an incredibly authentic and persuasive character transformation.

Designed by Tim Vittetoe, this foam latex zombie appliance is specifically crafted to be a smaller and more user-friendly option, making it easier to apply and remove.

FREE How-to Guides

Foam Latex Masks and Prosthetic Appliances: A Make-up Application Guide
Dental Distortions FX Fangs Fitting Instructions
Dracula Fangs Fitting Instructions

Cosplay, Costumes and Props

TNT Cosplay Supply. Supplier of high quality EVA foam.
Leggende Segrete Clothes – Cosplay costumes, made to order. Great source for costumes, photos, events and forums. Long list of resources and tutorials for creating your favorite character.
The Prop Store of London: Specializes in hard-to-find movie props and collectibles.

Production/Cosplay Resources

9mm Special Effects: Specializes in theatrical and SFX contact lenses.
Star Wars: Home of the official site.
R2-D2 Builders Club. Build your own R2-D2. Resources, discussion forms and files are available.
BB-8 Builders Club. Register to get access to everything you’ll need to build your own BB-8.

Models, Kits, Building Supplies and Hard-to-find Tools

Micro-Mark®: Great source for model building tools, hard-to-find items and supplies for anyone who works on dioramas, military vehicles, rockets, railroads, ships and dollhouses, plastic, wood or metal.
Gremlins in the Garage: Hundreds of models and kits available from larger companies to smaller ones that operate out of their garages.
Chavant Modeling Clay: 125 years of providing the best quality and selection of modeling clays worldwide.

Realistic Grass for your Diorama: Static Grass Applicator Parts and Sources

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