Below are the pros and the cons between prosthetic adhesive (Pro Adhesive) and spirit gum.

Pro Adhesive

A 1 oz size of Pro Adhesive is perfect for smaller makeup jobs requiring only a few applications.  It is stronger than spirit gum and lasts much longer.

Pro Adhesive for Foam Latex Masks and Appliances

Advantages over Spirit Gum:

  • Does not contain solvents that could irritate your skin
  • Water soluble when still wet
  • Virtually odorless
  • Lasts much longer
  • Can be reactivated with alcohol

Pro Adhesive Remover

Pro Adhesive remover loosens the prosthetic from your skin. It’s great for removal if you aren’t planning on reusing the mask or appliance or simply want to clean your skin.

TIP:  If you are plan on using your appliance more than once, only use rubbing alcohol to loosen it. Pro Adhesive Remover has an oil in it that bloats the edges of your appliance.  You won’t be able to easily blend the appliance into your skin.

Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum is the most popular, time-tested, low-cost adhesive for prosthetics and crepe wool hair. It’s great for laying beards, mustaches, eyebrows and sideburns.

Spirit gum is an adhesive solution made of gum and ether and is the most common adhesive on the market. The benefit of spirit gum over other adhesives is that it is forgiving if you make a mistake.  Spirit gum remover is needed to remove this adhesive.

Spirit Gum

Spirit Gum, 1 oz

Advantages over Pro Adhesive:

  • Great for beginners – it’s more forgiving than Pro Adhesive
  • Spirit Gum is great for applying facial hair, eyebrows, mustaches, beards and sideburns. Used by beginners and professionals

If you need an adhesive that will last all day, Pro Adhesive is the better choice.

Liquid Latex

Liquid latex is used to smooth edges on foam latex appliances, make unusual skin textures or as an adhesive for prosthetics and crepe wool hair. Colorless when dry. No remover required – simply peel cured latex off skin.

Caution: don’t get latex into your hair or any facial hair.  It’s very difficult to get out once it’s dry.

Liquid Latex

Advantages over Spirit Gum or Pro Adhesive

  • Easy to build up skin textures, bullet hits and scars
  • No additional remover is required

TIP:  Use liquid latex when you want to build up a skin texture.  Allow each layer to dry completely before adding the next layer. Use a hair dryer on a low heat setting to speed up the process. Use powder before removing since liquid latex sticks to itself when dry.

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