We design and fabricate scale models, miniatures and dioramas for motion pictures, television shows, cosplay, commercials, ads, theater, theme parks, and museums.

1969 Lunar Landing Module- 1/48 Scale Desktop Model

1969 Lunar Landing Module – 1/48 Scale Desktop Model

Why a Miniature?

With a miniature or 3D print, you can see what a full-scale replica will look like. You’ll be able to hold or walk around a miniature while looking at it, something you can’t do with a digital model. Miniatures or 3D prints also make excellent desktop models and gifts.

When accuracy is important, we’ll create a CAD drawing and scale it as needed. Next, we’ll use that drawing to create a physical model in any scale.

Modeling Materials

We use a variety of materials to create a model depending on how it will be used and how long it needs to last. Materials include plastic, fiberglass, wood, resin, polyurethane, foam, metal and fabric.

Select from the images below to see some of the scale models, miniatures and dioramas we’ve created.

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