Create Your Character.  It’s Easy.

Step 1. Choose a character.  Can’t decide?  Get inspired.
Step 2. Get a foam latex mask or appliance.  Click on a picture below to get started.
Step 3. Get the makeup.
Step 4. Download a FREE guide.  You’ll learn how to apply your mask, hide the seams, apply the makeup, remove and store your mask and appliances so you can use them again.

Add a nose, bald cap, facial hair or additional makeup to your character.

Elf or Vulcan Ears  Dracula  Swamp Witch Foam Latex Mask "Andorian" Style Kit
 Incredibly Familiar Hero Mask  Skull Mask, Soft Foam Latex  Severe Trauma Makeup  Werewolf Foam Latex Mask
 Ape Foam Latex Mask  Cat Wolf Fangs (FXF-30)  Zombie Neck with Exposed Teeth  Romulan Complete Kit (costume not provided)
 Bald Head Cap Kit with Instructions  Caveman Mask Brow - Foam Latex  Foam Latex Mummy Mask  Amy Ware plays a Zombie in Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day
 Todd Haberkorn as Spock  Blood Gel, 1 oz, Graftobian Keith Blatt as Klingon Security Officer, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men  Pig Nose