Create Your Character.  We Make It Easy.

Step 1. Choose a character.  Can’t decide?  Get inspired.
Step 2. Get a foam latex mask or appliance.  Click on a picture below to get started.
Step 3. Get the makeup.
Step 4. Download a FREE guide.  Learn how to attach your mask, hide the seams, apply the makeup, remove and store your foam latex mask/appliances.

Be Creative!

Add a nose, bald capfacial hair or fangs to your character.

Elf or Vulcan Ears  Santa's Helper Zombie - Withered "Andorian" Style Kit
 Incredibly Familiar Hero Mask  Skull Mask, Soft Foam Latex  Severe Trauma Makeup  Dracula
 Ape Foam Latex Mask  Cat Wolf Fangs (FXF-30)  Zombie Neck with Exposed Teeth  Romulan Complete Kit (costume not provided)
 Bald Head Cap Kit with Instructions  Caveman Mask Brow - Foam Latex  Foam Latex Mummy Mask  Amy Ware plays a Zombie in Snow Day, Bloody Snow Day
 Todd Haberkorn as Spock  Blood Gel, 1 oz, Graftobian Keith Blatt as Klingon Security Officer, Star Trek: Of Gods and Men  Pig Nose
 Cyrano Nose